Alex's First Karate Tournament

Last weekend, Alex participated in his very first karate tournament. He has been doing karate for a little over a year now (since January, 2010) so this was a big deal to him.

The tournament was organized by his karate teacher, but included a number of other schools from the area so the turnout was pretty good. Alex participated in two competitions: a forms competition, where he had to demonstrate the green belt form (a set series of moves); and second a sparring competition, where he sparred against two other kids at his age and belt level. Because this was a mixed youth and adult tournament, he ended up competing against 2 other kids in each event, since it was restricted by age and belt level.

Alex did great in both competitions. He did very well with his form, coming in second of the three contestants. He did even better in sparring, winning both of his matches and really sticking in there all the way to the end both times.

You can see a video of each of his competitions (forms and 2 sparring matches) on the movies page. We’re very proud of him!